BMW F9X M8 VRS Aero 2 pc Eye Brows on Rear Bumper - Vorsteiner Wheels  -  - [tags]
BMW F9X M8 VRS Aero 2 pc Eye Brows on Rear Bumper - Vorsteiner Wheels  -  - [tags]

BMW F9X M8 VRS Aero 2 pc Eye Brows on Rear Bumper

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The all new Vorsteiner M8 Carbon Fiber Aero kit is comprised of 4 components that give the F9X M8 an aggressive look while also complementing it's elegant and modern design.

Front Spoiler

Our 2x2 weave, carbon fiber front spoiler enhances the original appearance of the OEM front bumper while providing functional aerodynamic upgrades.

Rear Diffuser

In full carbon fiber, the fins extend beyond the rear bumper, providing race inspired enhancements which directly replace the OEM lower diffuser

Decklid Spoiler

Providing subtle downforce, the rear deck lid spoiler elevates airflow off the boot, completing the silhouette of the BMW M8.

Rear Bumper Eyebrows

Amplifying the M8’s existing body lines, giving the look that the platform deserves.

*Only fits on M8 Coupe and Cabriolet*

Vorsteiner's carbon fiber parts are produced using a state-of-the-art aerospace autoclave system. This provides unsurpassed rigidity, strength and finish to our aerodynamic components. We distinguish ourselves by utilizing a resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber material that results in a 20% - 30% stiffer and stronger product than an equivalent wet-lay up product. 

This technique drastically reduces rejection rates, significantly improving delivery times. Vorsteiner uses a combination of unidirectional, 1x1, and 2x2 weave carbon fiber to keep the weight to a minimum while providing optimum strength and rigidity. The vacuum-formed technology used in our aerodynamic parts draw out excess resin which ultimately draws out excess weight without decreasing structural rigidity. This process provides a much tighter control over the fit and finish giving you the piece of mind that the part will perfectly match the factory shut lines and contours.

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