V-FF 101 - Vorsteiner Wheels  - Wheels - [tags]
V-FF 101 - Vorsteiner Wheels  - Wheels - [tags]


V-FF 101

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Size: Front | Rear:

Size: Front | Rear



What is Vorsteiner Flow Forged?

The Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheel technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger. The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. In addition, we meticulously reduce the weight of the wheel utilizing back-pad pocketing as well as front and rear spoke pocketing. The Vorsteiner V-FF wheel fitments include a wide range of cars and wheel styles.

About The VFF-101 Wheel:

The V-FF 101 wheel is the original of the Vorsteiner Flow Forged Wheel series had been one of our most successful designs. Its timeless five Y-spoke layout is graceful yet sporty in its nature. This wheel shows that style can be function too.

VFF-101 Wheel Car Applications: 

 BMW Wheel Applications:

  • E82 1M
  • E85-86 Z4M
  • E9X M3

 Cadillac Wheel Applications:

  • Cadillac CTS-V

 Corvette Wheel Applications:

  • Corvette Chevrolet C7
  • Corvette Chevrolet C8

 Ford Wheel Applications:

  • Ford Mustang

Infiniti Wheel Applications:

  • Infiniti Q60

Lexus Wheel Applications:

  • Lexus GS350 F Sport

Volkswagen Wheel Applications:

  • Volkswagen Golf MK7

Porsche Wheel Applications:

  • Porsche 970 Panamera
  • Porsche 981 Boxster
  • Porsche 981 Cayman
  • Porsche 991 Wide Body
  • Porsche 991.1 Narrow Body
  • Porsche 991.2 Narrow Body
  • Porsche 996 Narrow Body
  • Porsche 997 Narrow Body
  • Porsche 997 Wide Body

Bolt Patterns:

  • 5x120
  • 5x130

Wheel Sizes:

  • Front: 19x8.5 | Rear: 19x10
  • Front: 19x9.5 | Rear: 19x10.5
  • Front: 19x10 | Rear: 20x12
  • Front: 19x8.5 | Rear: 20x11
  • Front: 20x10 | Rear: 20x11
  • Front: 20x9 | Rear: 20x10.5
  • Front: 20x9 | Rear: 20x11
  • Front: 20x8.5 | Rear: 20x10
  • Front: 20x9 | Rear: 20x12
  • Front: 20x11.5 | Rear: 20x11.5
  • Front: 19x9 | Rear: 19x10
  • Front: 19x8.5 | Rear: 19x11
  • Front: 20x8.5 | Rear: 20x11
  • Front: 20x8.5 | Rear: 20x12
  • Front: 19x8.5 | Rear: 19x8.5

Available Wheel Finishes:

  • Carbon Graphite
  • Patina Bronze