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BMW F8X M3 | M4 VRS GTS-V Aero Front Skid Plate *Only with 4000BMV*

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SKU: BMV2125

(Only with 4000BMV)

Vorsteiner's carbon fiber parts are produced using a state-of-the-art aerospace autoclave system. This provides unsurpassed rigidity, strength and finish to our aerodynamic components. We distinguish ourselves by utilizing a resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber material that results in a 20% - 30% stiffer and stronger product than an equivalent wet-lay up product. 

This technique drastically reduces rejection rates, significantly improving delivery times. Vorsteiner uses a combination of unidirectional, 1x1, and 2x2 weave carbon fiber to keep the weight to a minimum while providing optimum strength and rigidity. The vacuum-formed technology used in our aerodynamic parts draw out excess resin which ultimately draws out excess weight without decreasing structural rigidity. This process provides a much tighter control over the fit and finish giving you the piece of mind that the part will perfectly match the factory shut lines and contours.